Saving for a Mortgage while you Rent – The Help to Buy ISA

By Datography Ltd published on 31/01/2018  

While you’re renting your property, there are ways that you can save money at the same time. If you want to be a homeowner in the future have a look at the Help to Buy ISA. The Help to Buy ISA If you’re going to be a first-time buyer, then a Help to Buy Isa is a good way of saving up for a deposit on a mortgage. In your first month you can pay in up to £1,200 and from then on, a maximum of £200 a

Getting Your Rental Property Up to Scratch

By Datography Ltd published on 17/01/2018  

If your rental property has just become available again after a long time you’ll be keen to get it shipshape to attract new tenants. Here’s some reminders of what might need doing: The Property in General Decorate the walls, you can use white throughout the property. It looks clean and it’s easy to maintain. Clean the windows and check the furniture for wear and tear. If things are looking a bit t Tags: Rental, Property, Re-Decorating, Interior, Exterior

How the Rental Exchange can Improve your Credit Rating

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If you decide to buy a home and you need a mortgage, your lender will look at your credit file. The file will show any credit you already have or have had in the past and how it was paid. If you have always paid your bills on time your credit rating should be good. If you have made a regular habit of paying later or you have County Court Judgments your credit rating will be poor. Nowadays, with sp Tags: Rental Exchange, Credit Rating, Experian